– Primarch scale
– 40 mm Scenic base

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 56mm HQ resin miniature in Primarch scale with 40 mm Scenic base.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.



We don’t collect any taxes or fees on your behalf, so you may pay the customs fees according to the law of your country while collecting the package.


  1. Jessica

    The miniature has a perfect quality and the details are great, I am really satisfied!

  2. David

    Amazing quality details are perfect, cant wait to paint this up

  3. jim

    These are absolutly stunning models they are clean and crisp with a ton of detail that is very bold and cant be beaten as painting with the detail being so prominent is a godsend, how you do it guys is ace in my opinion .other resin model makers , one in particular need to produce there models in a similar fashion.its not all about money as wargame exclusive can show…..jim wilson

  4. glyndwrpaton

    Just received my model and it’s everything I thought it would be, and more. So glad I found this website before I paid almost twice as much for a similar miniature from a competitor. Keep up the good work guys, I’ll definately be back for more.

  5. Filippo

    A little bit of wait, but finally it is here. I was so curious about your products, i needed to c one in flesh, resin if u like.
    Just opened the lil box from Grim Skull: Amazing mini! Ready to order many others if the quality is the same!

  6. Toby

    The level of detail in this model is intimidating, but is an absolute joy to paint. I’m not finished with him yet, but even before the final highlights, it just looks great.
    Everything was nicely packaged, All parts were clean, barely any flashing to scrape off. Assembly vary simple. Honestly, can’t say enough about it.

  7. Romain

    The miniature arrived much faster than i thought, and the level of detail on it is simply amazing considering its moderate price. I will certainly order again in the future !

  8. smartbad

    To be completely honest, this model is so great that I was intimidated to paint it for quite a long time. I finally finished it tonight and I have to say that Wargame Exclusive and Grim Skull have knocked it out of the park once again. Factually the best mini models out there. If you like spacey-type wolf-themed warriors, then you absolutely need this. It is exactly as it looks in the pics (and actually much better in person once you get yours), and is an absolute work of art.

  9. trevor.lang89

    I absolutely LOVED this mini! I think the detail and intricacy was a little bit overwhelming at first, so it sat unpainted for a bit. but after a few months of getting more comfortable, I painted him. Painting was very easy, especially since I painted it in 3 parts: Cloak and backpack, Main Body, Hand with Axe. This was so helpful since I wasn’t needing to continuously duck under objects to complete the painting. Now that this miniature is complete, he is a central piece in my Space Wolves Army. One of the best miniatures I have ever purchased!

  10. cleave.daniel

    I made an account after buying this model, it arrived in about a week which I’m really surprised at, was expecting it to take much longer. the model is amazing, very little to clean up on it and can’t wait to start painting it. thank you.

  11. perrypender1970

    Just got my Wolf Lord in the post, all the way from the Ukraine to the UK in just over 2 weeks! That is awesome. Now as to the figure, I am speechless, it is perfect, Leman Russ lives. I have never seen such detail, no flash and certainly no problems with dry fit, I am looking forward to painting him up, and using him in my Horus Heresy Space wolves army.
    He is the first of many purchases from your company I will make.

    Perfect, simply perfect.

  12. Loupis Canis

    Kewl ,
    Thank you .

  13. Loupis Canis

    This is what it says on the label , not my first grim skull mini , no moans from me , worth the cash , ok nuff sed .

  14. Stu

    A stunning model, full of detail. Not a single mould line or air bubble – I’ve literally never seen a better quality model.

    Arrived in good time and well packed. A+

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