BITS PACK (100gms)





BITS PACK – packing with ~ 100 grams of resin and 3D printed bits and pieces that does not meet our high quality standard.
At Halloween, monsters come out of all the darkest corners of the closets and from under the beds in search of prey. đŸ‘»
We have our own monsters as well! 
All those miniatures that for some reasons were recognized as ‘monsters’ in the process of quality control.
They have been patiently waiting for this day all year, hoping that you will give them a chance to get on your shelves or on the battlefields, at least as bits or as a decoration for bases or terrains.
Remember, each piece in this BITS PACK can be either resin-cast or 3D printed, providing a diverse range of textures and details.



We don’t collect any taxes or fees on your behalf, so you may pay the customs fees according to the law of your country while collecting the package.


  1. Alexander

    this is an awesome service! i often just need something extra to work with, and cant justify buying a whole kit just to get what i need!

  2. Ben

    Great Deal! Perfect for kitbashing without having to buy a whole other kit. I got a lot of cool little odds and ends that I’ll be using for basing as well as substituting other parts.
    Most of the bits were useable, many of the defects were barely noticeable or easy to work around.

  3. Fred

    It is impressive what “bad quality” means for Wargameexclusive… Most of the pieces have some little flash or moldlines. If you compare with some Famous Games Warehouse’s products this is called standard for them.

    Some pieces are more dommaged (leg missing or so) but with some imagination can be still used.

    My only “regret” is that I became a big chunk of rĂ©sine from a vehicle taking some weight, but it’s the deal, role the dices and let you surprised by what came đŸ˜‰

    So Great Deal if you want to fill you bits box with grimdark products!!!

  4. Luigi

    Pieces are great: all the bits were useable and the defects were barely noticeable. I agree with Fred about that a big chunk of material is from a vehicle taking some weight, but it’s the ‘game’.
    Delivery time a bit long but I suspect it is due to Christmas.
    Unlucky I have paid extra fee due to VAT (and the seller didn’t warned me about this issue).
    3½ stars

  5. Marco

    Even if te pieces are supposed to be failcast they are quite good but the presence of 3D printed components and the presence of big veicle parts ruins the deal.

  6. TobyP

    Never disappointed with these grab bags… I love to kit bash and spruce up my bases or displays.

  7. Vincent

    This one was unfortunately very limited, instead of bits I got mainly incomplete models like arms and torsos. I did get a few bases that could be useful. An obscenely large bike that is in a giant scale took a lot of the weight in my box which was saddening to see also.

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