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 “Rust Tide” is not just a new miniatures line, but it is also an epic story about mad lone ork mekanik Badmood, who has been left alone on the hostile planet, with his Fullmetal Kustom Ork Army.

HQ Resin bits



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  1. Roy

    What can I say that I haven’t allready said with the Left versions AWESOME !!!!!

    Great pieces to make your models pop give that edge to your Orcs.

  2. Julien.D

    Great sculpture with very nice details and a top notch quality !

    Even more impressive, the shipment took less than 20 days to reach me, despite the fact that Ukraine is at war for 2 years now, fighting for its freedom against the Russian invaders.

    I couldn’t be happier, much love from France !

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