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HQ resin miniature with 25 mm base.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

When you are a small grot and you can be offended by anyone, then you have only one desire – to become big and give kicks to everyone who touched you. This chance is extremely rare. Everything changes if you’re lucky enough to grab a whole box of ampoules of steroids. Very quickly you become the strongest green-skinned in the district which horrifies even beefy orks because there is nothing more terrifying than a tricky and rancorous
steroid grot. He will not calm down until he takes revenge on everyone.
Check out his skew snout. Do you remember the times you were stabbed with a painful injection? Then you understand. Probably you noticed this giant hand that is filled with the strength like Popeye’s hands from the spinach. Just imagine what this grot will be like when he will use all the ampoules.


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