Exlusive High Quality resin models conversion set 


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Exlusive High Quality resin models conversion set for 6 miniatures.
HQ resin model.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.



We don’t collect any taxes or fees on your behalf, so you may pay the customs fees according to the law of your country while collecting the package.


  1. Lance

    all I can say is these some latest hot quality bits I’ve ever seen, sense I started play 40k back in 1989, you’ve do it! Keep coming with concepts that can utilized with Dark Angels, Ultra Marines, and Blood Angels, Salamanders with dragon helmet heads. You guys are the go to for bits, Got to get the word out on you guys. This is L-Boogie Peace!

  2. themortalgod

    Just got these in the mail today along with a couple packs of the marines. Absolutely phenomenal kit! The details is amazing!

    I only have 2 complaints:

    #1: I wish this set came with legs and arms as well because the detail on these is so much better than the detail on the GW models that normal terminator legs and arms look almost out of place.

    #2: I wish you had more egypt sons conversion kits for me to buy for other parts of the army. Specifically things like Obliterators, tank kits, a daemon prince, and jump packs but really I’d love to see anything more in the egypt sons style to keep adding to my army!

  3. Alexandre

    Amazing and beautiful kit. Great quality.

  4. Frank

    Fantastic quality and amazing detail.

  5. Najarian2010

    It took a while to ship from the Ukraine to the states but was definitely worth the wait! Amazing detail and well worth the money. High quality stuff for sure.

  6. Miguel Angel

    I purchase it and is amazing! are good resin too strong! incredible detailed i want this boys release more models of Egypt Terminators to purchase

    Sobek and Toth heads incredible! are my favorites!!!! torsos all are incredible when you purchase and take it in your hand your feel are “have the diferent and beauty minis im diferent too. im a paraoh” 🙂

  7. Crisp

    Superb Quality, and super Parts.
    Fits fine with my Termis.
    Keep the good work going

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