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– Primaris scale
– 50 mm Scenic base

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HQ resin miniature in Primaris scale with 50 mm Scenic base.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

6 reviews for CHAOS HIVE BRINGER

  1. smartbad

    This model has an extremely excellent level of detail which made painting it a worthy challenge which elevated my painting skill, and it was an absolute joy to paint. I highly and undoubtedly recommend this model.

  2. Etienne

    Figurine de très grande qualité.

  3. timbieler1

    Just received this model, delivery was pretty quick all things considering. The detail on this model is amazing and there is virtually no flashing on the model to clean, or any defects that I can find. Truly an exceptionally high quality of mini, can’t wait to paint this guy up.

  4. dpbyrne86

    Just arrived today. Excellent model! Absolutely no flash/deforming and every millimeter of it is covered in detail. Pictures don’t do it justice!

    His eye-line is about a head above a Lord of Contagion from GW, but he occupies about the same space as one.

  5. Unending_chaos

    Arrived yesterday so got to it today and just my god is it just AMAZING!
    I couldn’t find any flash or slips what so ever, the detail on the models they make can’t be described from the pictures but placing it next to other models I have is just night and day as it stand out 100 fold.

    If you really want a challenge to paint with all the detail packed into these models and true center pieces that will have people gawk and ask where it’s from these go above and beyond as I’m without a doubt getting more.

  6. liam_hutton

    Probably one of the most detailed models i’ve ever painted. So i’ll be honest i saw delivery “From Ukraine” and was a bit worried. But there’s no need to be. With Christmas and Covid i waited maybe 3 weeks for it to arrive in the UK and it arrived via Royal Mail in the end. You get the minature in a packet like GW do. You get no instructions so it took me a moment ot figure out the extras were just that extras. But it’s defo an amazing buy and i’m very much going to buy more from these guys. Excellent model and there was no repair or mold work i had to do to it before i began painting !

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