HQ 28mm-scale resin model with base 


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Your pain is a pleasure for her. Your suffering feeds her lust. Your death is just an occasion to get a new prey.

HQ 28mm-scale resin model with base



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  1. Ivan

    Fantastic sculpt!

  2. Francesc

    Great mini design. Great resin quality. Great base.
    It can be used in fantasy games. A must have for dark side elfs (in any era).
    Only one day to ship the model. Reception to Spain only 10 days.

  3. whissia69

    Here’s a fun fact, I don’t play any elf related factions in any tabletop games. Instead I had this crazy idea with her. I thought to myself “how can I make her a human?” So when I got her, I had a spare head laying around from Raging Hero’s Davidian kit and I popped the head off of this one and replaced it with the other. The results were incredible as with minimal work, the human woman’s head fit on like a glove.

    Which I guess goes to show the quality of this model that I managed to pull off some simple kitbashing and bam, another Repentia. As for painting her, it was really easy, although I feel like the head she’s holding might distract from the rest of her. Yes, even with her boobs out. It’s honestly a really good model, the face is perfectly detailed and the sculpt is pretty sturdy (or as sturdy as spikey bits are going to get), even though I’m not using it (at least, as of now). Honestly, I can’t express enough how well done the models on this site are even if some of them look a bit cartoonish, they’re just a joy to paint for the most part.

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