28mm HQ resin model with base

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 3 HQ resin miniatures in 28-mm scale with bases
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.



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  1. Zachary

    These models are perhaps the most crisply intricate detailed models I have ever purchased. The amount of detail is staggering and beautiful. With barely any flash and mold lines that are only a whisper thin, there was not too much prep involved in getting these sisters cleaned and assembled.
    A word of caution: if you happen to have indelicate ogre-fingers as I do, take extra care in assembling these ladies. The resin is quite durable and thankfully I did not cause any hard to the models, but the pieces are on the small and delicate side, especially the parchment holding them to the bases. There is very little confusion as to what pieces go where. Take your time with assembly and everything should go smoothly.
    This is my second purchase and with this kind of quality, it will most certainly not be my last.

  2. smartbad

    The Saint Celestia’s trinity set is definitely worth the price. It is one of the most striking figures in my entire collection, and all I can say is that after I finished painting my set, the only word that could do it justice was “glorious.” The details on this model are so very distinct and the overall aesthetic is very effective. I actually ended up buying two sets of these–one for myself, and one to paint as a present for my girlfriend. She also loves them.

  3. Patrick

    So awesome, I can only recommend these models, they are phenomenal and fit perfectly into any army.

  4. ianj16

    Insanely detailed, but not in a bad way. The “painted” versions of this look over-detailed, due to harsh shadows, but honestly the actual models aren’t that bad.

    Sculpt quality is insane, as is casting quality. I had 1 bubble in the base, that was it, and it was tiny. Little bit of green stuff and sorted, but that’s the only bubble I’ve had in anything WGE and it wasn’t an important detail piece.

    Overall, a *massive* step up from GW’s version. Just beautiful.


    Bit annoying to put together with no instructions, but it’s easy enough. The real annoyance is getting the scrolls right, mine didn’t quite fit properly but I suspect I was putting them in at the wrong angle. Nothing a little green stuff didn’t fix. Resin was durable enough to force it on one, but I wouldn’t recommend resorting to force.

    Overall, fantastic models, well cast, come with great bases so it’s minimal effort, would 100% recommend.

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