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 For Heroic scale wargames.
Full compatible with transport models like Games Workshop Space Marine Rhino ©®
These model are supplied unpainted and require assembly.



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  1. firstsilentprophet

    These are massive! Cant wait to get ’em painted and into action!

  2. Antoine

    Bought 2 of them to make SoB Exorcist. Those launcher are big enough to pass as a big missile launcher, so it’s perfect. The radar and the corpse are a nice touch.
    However the assembly isn’t great, because the launcher are fixed to the base by 2 rotating spot. It may be great for custom but build the 2 launcher at the same height give me headache. Having only 1 big rotating spot and/or a piece to joint the 2 launcher together could have been good.
    Still a good model, would recommand it.

  3. seraphim07

    I got one for a SOB Exorcist for witch it is perfect. Having both launchers not connected makes the assembly difficult keeping both sides even whilst waiting for the glue to dry is a challenge.

  4. Glenn Hayashi

    On the fence to get and build this but I think I have a way of kitbashing this too, just drill a hole on the basemounts then dowel the thing in two parts to pivot even. Exp hobby tips for yah!!!

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