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Who said that woman is a weaker sex? A creature who is capable to give a new life is also capable to take one. And not only one.
These ten women have forgotten long time ago how to depend on someone except themselves. Their will is unbreakable, genocode is perfect and body is strengthened with the newest implants. By representing the name of Emperor’s Sisters they are also the most beautiful women in known universe.
With a fanatic devotion to the Empire they went through dozens of battles and always came out victorious. Unlikely it would ever change.


10 HQ resin miniatures in 28-mm scale with 32mm bases
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Set consists of:
SUPERIA with scenery base, two heads (helmeted with 3 spikes and regular one), power sword and bolter gun;
SISTER WITH STANDARD with two heads (helmeted with 1 spike and regular one), standard in one hand and bolter gun in another, base is usual black one;
eight models who comes with six bolter guns, one melting weapon and one twin linked boltgun weapon, five common helmets and four heads without helmets.



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  1. Francesc

    Awesome models. All the details that you can see in the images are in the miniatures.
    The quality of the resin is as allways great without holes, bubbles or deformities.
    They are the best sisters squad I have.
    The shippent was in less than 24h and i receive the miniatures in 10 days (to Spain).

  2. sarouan

    Incredible details and quality – as said above, there is barely any work to do before gluing them together. The scale is a bit higher than the metal sisters from GW, so they get along pretty well. They are perfect to play as Celestials, given their armors are so ornamented than they are easily believed as elite guard.
    The kit lacks some special weapons and heads (you can’t have them all bareheaded or with helmets, since there aren’t enough for the 10 girls), but otherwise it’s really a nice set.

  3. Clément

    Moulage parfait, de très nombreux détails, pas de déformation, pas de bulle, pas de travail pour adapter les pièces. J’en reprend à la première occasion. Je suis tombé amoureux dès l’ouverture.

  4. rkatherinekrug

    Highly Recommend!
    Excellent Quality, no bubbles or obvious flaws. Extremely detailed and durable. Easy to work with, very little flash and clean up besides the usual washing of resin products. The halos required a little filing to clean them up to make the seam even, besides that I can’t find a single thing wrong with them. Shipment arrived quickly to Canada (within a couple of weeks).

    As stated above, there is a lack of special weapons and head options (not enough to have all 10 in either helmets or without) but the squad is more than worth it.

  5. Andreas

    Very good sculpt and plenty of details
    Nice addition to my Sororitas

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