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HQ resin miniature with 25 mm base.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Reconnaissance is an important thing, in spite of the fact that orks don’t need it but cowardly grots won’t get into a fight, if they are not sure that they may get something. There is nothing more simple than a grot drone. All that is needed for its production is a pump and to eat pretty rough for the stormy work of the stomach. Quite often, grot drones bring grenades in flight because there is nothing better than throwing grenades at the heads of unsuspecting enemies and to detect them detect them from above grot drones use binoculars or a telescope.
Pay attention how well the sculptor displayed a sneering smile on the grot’s muzzle, showed how he barely runs the pump. Just look where the hose is inserted. This is probably the funniest miniature we’ve ever seen.


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