– 40k Heroic scale
– 32mm base
– Sculpted by Wargames Crew


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IMPORTANT! This set allows you to build ORK MAD RIDERS MEKANIAK.

Meet ORK METALL MEKANIAK (or “Da Big Wrench Boss,” as he likes to call himself)! He’s what you get when you cross an Ork with a metal mania! This fella’s been tinkering and clanking around in his workshop so much, we’re pretty sure he’s more nuts and bolts than Ork by now!
The Mekaniak’s rise to fame began when he accidentally superglued his hand to a mega blasta. Instead of tryin’ to remove it, he just went with it, becomin’ a livin’ example of Orkish ingenuity (or stubbornness, take your pick). Since then, he’s been tweakin’, hammerin’, and duct-tapin’ his way to glory, buildin’ the biggest, loudest, and most unreliable war machines in the galaxy!
Legend has it, he once built a shoota out of nothin’ but a skweeg, two bolts, and a bad mood. It worked… once. He is also the inventor of a jet-powered unicycle. He even painted it red! It went as well as you’d expect in Ork society – straight into a wall, but oh boy, did he fly! That’s what we call Orkish aerodynamics!
His latest creation? The “Ork-o-Matic 5000”, a contraption so complicated, it’s got more levers and buttons than a Mekboy’s toolbox. It’s supposed to brew fungus beer and shoot rokkits, sometimes at the same time! Practical? Maybe not. Explosively fun? You bet!
So, are you ready to add some metal mayhem to your collection? Grab your MEKANIAK, and let’s make some noise (and possibly a few accidental explosions)!


HQ resin miniature in 40k Heroic scale with 32mm base.
The miniatures require painting and assembly (use cyanoacrylate superglue only).



– 8K ultra-high resolution 3D printing with the market-top printers guarantees the highest possible print quality for today;
– The best UV printing resin maximizes the survival of models even after falling off the table;
– Careful manual parts positioning by our experienced specialists provide sharp printing with a minimum of the supports and makes post-processing fun and easy;



1. Check

Firstly, check out all the details whether there are no missing or miscast parts.
If you have problems with details – please contact us at [email protected].

2. Supports & touchpoints

We sell our 3D printed models without any major supports, but you should remove small touchpoints and ultra-tiny supports left on the model.
Please use a model knife and fine sandpaper.
Don’t be intimidated by the process, we use a top-quality UV printing resin and it is very easy to work with.

3. Warped Parts and Repositioning

Sometimes thinner parts could be slightly bent or twisted.
You can easily fix that by immersing the piece in hot water or by applying heat from a hairdryer.
The piece should reform to its original shape by itself.
If not, gently twist the piece back into position.
The amount of heat that needs to be applied is often determined by the thickness of the parts. Thicker parts need to be heated for a longer time.
This technique can also be used to bend some parts into shapes and positions to pose models.



We don’t collect any taxes or fees on your behalf, so you may pay the customs fees according to the law of your country while collecting the package.


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