– 40k Heroic scale
– 32mm base
– Sculpted by Wargames Crew


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IMPORTANT! This set allows you to build ORK MAD RIDERS BRAINIAK MADSCRAPPA model.

Meet the BRAINIAK MADSCRAPPA, the craziest mekaniak this side of the galaxy! 🌌
This git ain’t just yer run-of-the-mill mek. One day, Brainiak Madscrappa found himself in a proper scrap, as all good Orks do. But this scrap was different. A massive explosion ripped his legs clean off and split his skull wide open! Any normal Ork would be down for the count, but not Brainiak. Nah, this lunatic crawled back to his workshop, cacklin’ like a proper madman. With the skill of a true mekaniak, he bolted a tactic monowheel where his legs used to be and clamped his brains back together with a shiny iron band. Now, he’s rollin’ faster than a Trukk on turbo, and his brain’s sparkin’ with more ideas than ever before!
Brainiak Madscrappa ain’t just mad, he’s unstoppa-ble! This wheel-bound wonder is always on the move, tearing across the battlefield with his crazy contraptions and insane inventions. His fellow Orks look at him with a mix of awe and fear, never quite sure what he’s gonna come up with next. But one thing’s for sure: wherever Brainiak goes, a good scrap ain’t far behind! Whether he’s boltin’ together a new war machine or leadin’ a charge, Brainiak Madscrappa is an ork ta be reckoned with!
P.S. Keep yer sensors peeled and your engines revvin’, ’cause Ork Mad Axe’s battle wagon is comin’ soon! You don’t wanna miss when this beast hits da battlefield!
HQ resin miniature in 40k Heroic scale with 32mm base.
The miniatures require painting and assembly (use cyanoacrylate superglue only).



– 8K ultra-high resolution 3D printing with the market-top printers guarantees the highest possible print quality for today;
– The best UV printing resin maximizes the survival of models even after falling off the table;
– Careful manual parts positioning by our experienced specialists provide sharp printing with a minimum of the supports and makes post-processing fun and easy;



1. Check

Firstly, check out all the details whether there are no missing or miscast parts.
If you have problems with details – please contact us at [email protected].

2. Supports & touchpoints

We sell our 3D printed models without any major supports, but you should remove small touchpoints and ultra-tiny supports left on the model.
Please use a model knife and fine sandpaper.
Don’t be intimidated by the process, we use a top-quality UV printing resin and it is very easy to work with.

3. Warped Parts and Repositioning

Sometimes thinner parts could be slightly bent or twisted.
You can easily fix that by immersing the piece in hot water or by applying heat from a hairdryer.
The piece should reform to its original shape by itself.
If not, gently twist the piece back into position.
The amount of heat that needs to be applied is often determined by the thickness of the parts. Thicker parts need to be heated for a longer time.
This technique can also be used to bend some parts into shapes and positions to pose models.



We don’t collect any taxes or fees on your behalf, so you may pay the customs fees according to the law of your country while collecting the package.

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