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HQ resin miniature with 40mm base.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


  1. john

    very nice figurine my steps easy to assemble

  2. matt

    The base is so amazingly designed the dead imperial soldier adds some really nice touch. The main model is great has some movement to it. such a clean models didn’t need to take any flash off and only had one mould line to clean up. very stable model. The only one problem I had was putting the second part of the cape on the arms of the right hand side but other then that easy to put together. great model

  3. Conor

    Very nice and well detailed model, however not the most stable model especially the legs and swords and one of the fins on the side of the head was missing so I had to fix that. Other then that I was quite happy with the model.

  4. Cullenherington

    The detail on this model is amazing. I especially loved painting the dead commissar on the ground, the model overall is amazing, somewhat brittle, but everything from the dead commissar to the “come and get me” look of Grivus makes this a wonderful edition to anyones necron army, or even just the average miniature painting enthusiast can have a great time with it. It gives me the 2003 Grievous vibes, you know, before they turned him into a joke.

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