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Maybe each of you who plays with Necrons has a lot of bits and maybe you ask yourself just like we: “what can we do with all this stuff?” Well, don’t throw it away. If you kept all of this then our novelty is just for you!

Set with five bodies! All you need is to glue relevant arms that have remained from the plastic kits.
However, it’s not so easy…Bodies have a universal arm fit, so for certain poses, you should have a sharp hobby knife in your hand and a little patience, so then we guarantee you will enjoy an excellent result.

5 HQ resin miniatures in 28-mm scale with 5 32mm bases.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


Dear friends!
We noticed that not all the pairs of hands from plastic sets correctly fit with bodies. When we did the miniature’s assembly test everything coincided well, but we see that choosing the right hands is not an easy task. It’s probably the matter of good luck. So our advice is not to torture yourself and not to play with your patience as well, but simply to remove with a knife the part of the cloak that doesn’t allow to attach the weapon to the body. This is okay because the fabric of the cloak should be pressed by the weapon in this place.
Enjoy the process of assembling, hobbies should bring fun 🙂



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  1. dhametz

    I was worried these were going to come in a very shady 3rd party quality. I have ordered some 3rd party bits in that past and the quality we rough, I had to do a lot of shaving and filing and most I just put back in there box. These came in so well done, very little to correct. If they had a flaw it was not providing instructions as to which arms go to which torso, but i can figure that one out. Def 5/5.

  2. poyaux.thomas

    Very high quality cast, with this level of details it puts the official resin kits to shame.
    There was very little cleanup to do (a mould line here and there, but most are well hidden).

    As dhametz pointed out, you’ll need figure out yourself the pairing with the arms, but that is fine, Deathmarks have very few posing options to begin with.

    I will definitely recommand these, and other kits, to fellow “Necrocyborgs” collectors 😉


  3. zoopkamol

    do you need to put on the “swiss cheese” looking cloaks?

  4. karolplusa556

    Very fine model quality, with little to no cleaning required before assembly. The assembly itself threw me off quite badly, since some of the arms had to go outside of the intended sockets and be glued to the underside of the shoulderpads instead to fit, but the end result still looks good enough from a distance.

    Honestly, it feels like a bit of a waste that these models don’t have a version with their own, fitting weapons, because assembling the GW ones onto them is awkward at best, and a day-long nightmare at the very worst.

  5. g.e.douglas9

    Great looking models, very little clean up required! As others have mentioned, the arms didn’t really fit very well, but was an easy fix – my recommendation is to make two small balls of green stuff and put them in the shoulder socket, then attach the arms by pressing them into the green stuff and just trim away/sculpt the excess. Super quick and easy to sort and way cheaper than buying more boxes from GW

  6. Crimson reckless

    These are pretty models and I wanted to like them. The quality of the cast is really good and the overall esthetic is amazing. You honest problem with these models is that the holes don’t lineup to the guns so they’re essentially useless. Without shaving down the chest or trying to get the torso into the right position it’s next to impossible. So you have this beautiful model but these gaping holes in the side where the arm should be because the arms don’t fit in the holes. Honestly there are mess.

  7. Clint U.

    Got my models for the Immortal and deathmarks today and so so pleased with the quality and the detail on these pieces.

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