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– 40k Heroic scale
– 50mm Scenic base

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HQ resin miniature in 40k Heroic scale with 50mm Scenic base.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

This miniature is not only another lifeless adept of mechanics. It is a Story. Story about one Progenia, whose body was almost destroyed in a flames of orbital attack. But not her spirit.
As an useless “piece of meat”, young woman never gave up and started a new life as Mechanic Adept. One of the Many.
She wasn’t “biology hater” fanatic, who cuts own body and augment it into almost entirely cybernetic – she loved every cell of her body and used just as much augmentation as it was necessary.
This fact made her “slightly unpopular” but didn’t prevent from becoming the Mistress Domina – one of the most powerful Mechanic Adepts with particular abilities to process information and eliminate enemies.

And she is the One, who can lead Your squad to the Victory!


  1. Ivandehaan

    Excellent miniature, high quality design. A perfect centrepiece for my Mechanicum army.
    Keep up the good work at Grim Skull miniatures.

  2. Laurent

    Very nice model, i am just worried about the size, it will look relatively small compare to the other TechPriest dominus, but that should be manageable.

  3. Melvin

    A very, very nice model with an excellent, commanding pose, that will serve nicely as an alternate Dominus for 40k or Horus Heresy era Mechanicum.

    Getting the larger mechadendrites into the back of the model was a bit of a fiddly job, but once it popped into place the rest of the parts fit in like a charm! The base also deserves special mention, as this is one of the first times I’ve received a fully resin scenic base that is not warped or otherwise deformed.

  4. sam

    very cool zero flaws/bubbles

  5. spacemonkeee

    Lovely model, no flaws.
    Just really nice and fits together so nicely.

  6. Christian

    Very well made – no mold lines or flash.

    The miniature sculpt and mold quality is just great. She is exactly 28mm (same size as all the old GW minis), but due to her standing on the mechandrites, it makes her a little bigger and she can easily keep up with the current scale of minis. Really looking forward to putting her at the head of my army.

    The order was a lot faster than I expected. One week to german customs and then another week to arrive at my place in Germany. Also no additional customs charges, which was a nice surprise

  7. slaetsl

    Received in a well protected box. Already started painting and assembling. What to say but this miniature is just a delight for the eyes, well designed, well crafted. It will definitely be a centerpiece of my Adeptus Mechanicus’ army. Plus the crafted base will save you a lot of time. I wish to see more of those miniatures including vehicles. I’ll surely purchase other meanwhile 🙂

  8. m_mircea86

    best purchase i ever made. i had it commission painted and am very satisfied with it on the tabletop 🙂
    Imperial guard (for a killteam) is next :3

  9. karolplusa556

    Fantastic looking model with very little cleaning required in areas that won’t be that visible anyway. Assembly was fairly straightforward despite my initial worries – going from biggest parts to smallest seems to have been the right idea in my case. I can definitely recommend this one to anyone who wants to add some variety to their characters.

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