– 40k Heroic scale
– 25mm Scenic bases

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 3 HQ resin miniatures in 40k Heroic scale with 25mm Scenic bases.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.



We don’t collect any taxes or fees on your behalf, so you may pay the customs fees according to the law of your country while collecting the package.


  1. Anonymous

    These models came out great. There were almost no issues with assembling the miniatures, and even then, the way these miniatures came made for perfect subassemblies when it came to painting them, having every part of the miniature accessible. It’s a serious strong suit when it comes to sculptors. Whoever makes these knows how to break up the miniatures to make it easier to paint everything.

    I also tried mimicking the paint scheme shown on the website here, including its style, because I just loved it so much. It has an impressive 2D aspect to it that makes it look like a beautifully detailed drawing. I think I got the general idea down but I just couldn’t ever do it justice.

    All of that being said, the leftmost Eradicator had a slight issue with assembly. The back half of her -with the power pack, robe, and arms- didn’t quite fit right against her body. The arms just kind of didn’t fit right, like I needed to push them forward to line up with the rest of her body. I shaved down the robe and the power pack a bit to get the fit just right but there’s still a slight gap there. This issue of things not quite fitting is unfortunately common, but it’s not something that can’t be overcome.

    Overall, I love them. I wish we could get more like this. It’ll be pretty cool to have an army of these gals with plenty of variety between them.

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