HQ resin model in Heroic scale

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 HQ resin Urban Hunter Car model in heroic scale
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.



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  1. ryan.przybyl

    I ordered this car to give Wargame Exclusive a go, and to see first hand the quality of their products. I do a lot of work with resin personally (molding and casting), it has become my favorite medium for miniatures. Because I work with resin a lot, I have acquired many resin models over the course of my gaming career, I have an incredibly high bar for quality. With that said, I can say, these resin cars are the most beautiful resin miniatures I’ve ever seen. Quite a few things make them stand out:

    1) Smoothness of casts – the casts are incredibly smooth. There are a few very minor print lines visible in a few spots on the casting, but they are quite easily removed with a very light sanding. 95% of the model is stunningly smooth, and almost feels like plastic.
    2) Quality of resin – their resin quality is incredibly high. It doesn’t seem overly brittle and has no graininess whatsoever. This helps contribute to the smoothness of the surface and ability to capture detail.
    3) ZERO air bubbles – there are literally no air bubbles in the cast. I’m not sure if they are spin cast or using a vacuum chamber for degassing the resin, but there are no air bubbles whatsoever on this model.
    4) Fit of assembly – the vehicle I purchased fits together with literally no work needed. One part needs the resin tabs cut off, but besides that part, everything else fits together with 100 accuracy and zero gaps. The fit is incredible, I’d compare it to a plastic injection molded model with its near flawless fit.
    5) Detail – the detailing is exquisite on this model, it’s got what I would describe as the perfect amount of detail. It’s not jam packed with every nook and cranny having detail, nor does it suffer from too many large flat un-detailed surfaces. They strike a near perfect balance on this front.
    6) Mold lines – I found almost zero mold lines (and zero mold slippage). I think the gun has a small mold line present, but majority of parts have no noticeable line at all. I was actually a bit confounded by this as even some of the best casters I know tend to get some level of mold line (although some so light it easily brushes away with a toothbrush). The model I received has virtually none, as someone who does casting myself, I’m wondering how they achieve such quality on this front.

    Overall, I can’t recommend these models enough. So one question you might ask, was there anything wrong? In my overall opinion, no, these are superb models – the highest quality castings I’ve seen, ever, period. Now when I did some very detailed inspection, I found two small incredibly minor issues. First, one of the rivets on the roof was missing, perhaps the smallest defect in casting. This would almost be unnoticeable to most people, but I went over these models with the finest of combs inspecting the quality of their work, so I found literally every little blemish. Secondly, one of the chain “rings” on the front looks like it may have been miscast and isn’t fully present. Again, probably not even noticeable by most people. Neither of these detract from the quality of the model, this stuff happens in working with resin. Again, and I think this bears repeating, looking at ~10 years of acquiring resin models from dozens of manufacturers while also producing my own miniatures, these are head an shoulders the best I’ve encountered to date. If anyone has acquired any resin models from Paulson games, his resin work is absolutely stunning in cast quality, and this may even surpass that. If you have any interest in these vehicles, you owe it to yourself to get them, they are absolute works of art!

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