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Make your tank two times more effective with our new GREATER GOOD SPONSON GUNNERS!

Two HQ resin models.

Each pack contain 4 heads: two with helmets and two without. Also there such guns as missile launchers, burst cannons and blasters.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.



We donโ€™t collect any taxes or fees on your behalf, so you may pay the customs fees according to the law of your country while collecting the package.


  1. Jens

    Nice model, unfortunately not quite mature. The ring that rests in the tank is too thin. The model does not come over the buckle of the tank. The focus of the model is second in front and tilts always over. But the level of detail is impressive.

  2. LordGrise

    TL;DR version: Bits, bits, bits! BUY! But know what you’re buying, so read. Sorry.

    Okay, now the long version. First, The Bad: Construction of these can be a bit tricky, not least because the positioning nubs mess things up. DRY FIT EVERYTHING BEFORE GLUING!!! That said: ARMS COME FIRST. Shave off the positioning nubs on the arms; they don’t quite line up to the shoulders if the hands end is clicked in properly. I used a cyanoacrylate gel glue that gives me about five seconds to play with, clicked in the hands end, and then positioned the arms to the shoulders, applied glue, and just held them until bonded. HEAD COMES SECOND. I had to shave down the neck fairly severely to get a look I was happy with; right out of the package, the long positioning nub makes for a comically long and unstable head. It’s your model, you know the look you like, do as you please. After the head comes the actual gun mount piece, then the splash guard piece. I used a bit of tinted clear plastic off a gundam sprue to give me a colored screen in the notch. Arm guard pieces are optional, but define the shape nicely. Gun barrels: shave the positioning tabs off, they straight don’t fit, and you don’t really need them. More on these under section: The Good.

    Second, The Ugly. The completed piece does not quite sit down on a Devilfish hull; you’re going to have to widen the receiving hole by about a millimeter. You get four heads in the package: the helmet heads have this nasty little hole in the lenses area that detracts from overall appearance… but are infinitely preferable (in my humble opinion) to the unhelmeted heads, which I am saving for my next stab at female mutants. They are fugly. ‘Nuff said.

    Third, The Good. The real draw for me with this product is all the myriad modding options it gives you. Gun barrels: you get four each of carbine barrels, autocannon barrels, and missile launchers. The missile launcher bits can be used on anything: they’re standalone. The carbine bits likewise, you can place them on any hull, turret, or wing edge where you want an extra gun. The autocannon barrels (in my humble opinion) look best on the actual piece, so that’s what I used there. You can magnetize them all easily if you want swap-out capability. You can also use barrels from other weapons out of other kits as well; the sky is the limit here. 144 scale Gundam kit guns, believe it or not, work well here with a little reworking, and can look spectacular.

    But it’s the actual pilot-in-chair piece that has my attention. if you leave off the guns, what do you have? A pilot in a couch, ready to drop into any project that wants one. Take a thin saw, and slowly follow the groove, rotating frequently as you make your cuts, and very soon you will have a perfect sensor node ready for whatever you want (a pair of those missile bits mate with this beautifully) and the aforementioned pilot. No joke, no lie, I want a dozen of this kit. I have so many uses for everything.

    Thank you for reading. [email protected].

  3. Mika

    I like the model ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  4. d-alsemgeest

    there fine model, not without the previous mentiond issues, but great non the less, the bearheads are a fun touch to the kit, but if not used with these, maybe some nice bits for your killteam

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