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– 40k Heroic scale
– 25mm Scenic base

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HQ resin miniature in 40k Heroic scale with 25mm Scenic base.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


Do not be fooled by her smile! This cutie is extremely-experienced warrior and she knows how to make your soldiers cry.



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  1. packard57

    This is a superb figure with fantastic detail . No mould lines present and crisp detail .An added advantage is the service that this company gives to its customers , this has been faultless for the two orders that I have placed with the company . If you love tau you will love this figure.

  2. Jimmy

    Same as above, almost no molding line.

  3. Chris

    Fast efficient delivery services. The model shows what resin can be like. Excellent clean crisp lines, loads of detail. A great alternative HQ for the UAT Greater Good. Looking forward now to painting up Commander Shadestar 🙂 equipped with dual fusion and a lightweight experimental Armour.

  4. Laurent

    so cute! so sexy! amazing job! i’ll keep buying your figurines guys, keep on the dedication!

  5. Francesc

    Great model. Very good quality resin. Very fast shipping.

  6. florian19

    High quality model, short time of deliver, model with all pieces! perfect!

  7. michaelwyer

    The single best cast resin miniature I have ever purchased. Absolutely phenomenal. Arrived within the estimated delivery time too.
    Will purchase from this range again!

    Also, the inclusion of the scenic base was a nice touch.

  8. Mika


  9. kmontague1313

    Just got her along with the Specter Assassin two weekends back and It was worth the wait.
    Easy to put together and pose on the scenic base and looking forward to using her in a game as soon as start collecting the right amount of crisis armor units. I just need a name to give her when I start using her on the battlefield.

    I will purchase from you again soon…

  10. andrewodley123

    Well **** me! After buying forgeworld items, I was expecting resin to suck. Not at all. I have the GW Commander Shadowsun and The Commander Dash, and you can guess which one *I* Take into battle. She’s broken once, her foot came undone from the base, but that’s due to my own transportation of her. The model was High Quality as hell. Exactly as advertised. No mould lines, no cleaning, absolutely NO WORRIES! I will absolutely be buying more models. Thanks in advance and here’s to the future. (My last name was Dash, like hell i wasnt gonna buy her)

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