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– 40k Heroic scale
– 25mm Scenic base

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HQ resin miniature in 40k Heroic scale with 25mm Scenic base.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


Darkstriker is a talented tactician and good warrior, but he is also an independent hothead who always argues with higher rank officers. He is the one who prefers to do a wrong thing for right reasons and believes that it doesn’t matter how to succeed a mission – he just must to get it done.


  1. Rory

    Awesome miniature!. Went together easily with next to no mould lines at all. Great dynamic pose and base, detail is amazing!

  2. Jeremy

    Beautiful miniature that I use as the leader of my Pathfinders for Shadow War. Really stands out.

  3. Alex

    Magnifique figurine avec une pose vraiment cool et bien dynamique, elle en jète énormément !

  4. d-alsemgeest

    very cool model, very dynamic in the pose, realy love it the detail on this guy

  5. elwin-b

    Verry good, better then forge world. No shit ton of mold lines to clean.

  6. Jonathan

    Crisp and detailed. The resin is incredible! Zero imperfections! For real NO moldlines, flash, bubbles, bent parts etc. Pure perfection! I wonder how they do it, Forgeworld should learn from these guys. Or just give up and let Grim skull Product their designs 😅

    The model itself is also greatly designed with A fluid action move that really works.

  7. Seth

    Fantastic Mini, great proxy for any infantry leader. Great detail, I despaired of my painting talents doing the sculpt justice.
    Ended up drybrushing over and over to really bring out the lines. Would recommend!

  8. JohnB

    An Awesome DarkStrider proxy! no cleanup, and fun to assemble. I kind of wish I could post photos of this product painted, because it looks awesome!

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