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HQ resin conversion set for 10 units of 28 mm scale wargames


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HQ resin conversion set for 10 units of 28 mm scale wargames


  1. ffyllos

    These are excellent models with a superb amount of detail. The size is small, a fraction smaller in width / girth than GW warrior torsos. They are suitable for converting warriors, drivers of a doomscythe/nightscythe (though you’ll need to cut the shoulder pad a little), ghost ark/doomsday ark, and catacombe command barge. They are just about passable for immortals and lychguard, although the proportions aren’t as good and the arms therefore look large on the bodies. They won’t fit praetorians, or any of the multipart GW character kits like CCB lord or overlord with the void reaper.

    Excellent casting, very high quality and look great.

  2. tkhbecker74

    These are excellent swaps for the Warrior torso for standard Necrons.
    A little adjustments, on GW nodels, were needed to kitbash these into Immortals and Deathmarks. Tho I couldn’t get the Cyclops eye to look right

  3. jeremy.c.griffin

    Purchased a 10 pack to fill in the gaps on my warrior army with 5 and used the other five with warrior legs and lychgard bits to make a unit of “wychgard.” I think with minimal tinkering they’ll fit most standard humanoid necrons. They look very small next to classic destroyers. The sculps are fantastic, and having just cracked an Indomitus Box if the push-fit warrior sculpts are a good indication of future warrior bits these ladies should still be a perfect fit. As to replacements for skorpek, they appear to be closer in size than standard destroyers. I’d say they are a bit smallish, but wouldn’t look too odd with a bit of work making some careful snips. They take superglue and magnets well, however I would recommend a superglue hardener as the dissimilar materials are slow on bond.

    Thank you for the fine work WE, will shop again.

  4. o.collins

    The smooth on smooth cast resin used in these is fantastic! So much better than forge world. Very happy with the quality and the sculpt.
    Will definitely buy from WE again.

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