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Three HQ resin car models in 28 mm scale

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Product Description

Three HQ resin car models in 28 mm scale.
These models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


  1. 4 out of 5


    Right out of the box I was pleasantly surprised that these models were pretty much as shown on the site. And I will buy more of these cars in the future for my 40K scenery needs.

    Now I will do some nitpicking. These cars are cast in several parts. Ranging between two and eight for this combo deal. Because these are resin casts I found that not all parts line up 100%, this is normal for resin casts, and some suffered damages from a bit too much hardener in the resin. This caused some minor cracking in one of the models. Also I think the master models are made using a 3D printer because you can see the printing lines on the models. Though I doubt this will show thru when painted. And mold-lines where not much of an issue with the models I got.

    These models are suitable for beginning hobbyists that are willing to go a bit outside their comfort zone. What do you need to assemble these models with attention to detail? Some plastic sheets of 0.75 and 0.5 thickness, some liquid filler like Liquid Green Stuff, some strong super glue like Zap, a smooth file and a sharp hobby knife. Just think things thru a bit and try to keep the knife and glue off your fingers and you should do alright.

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