Sometimes we’re receiving the messages like “Where is my package? The time of 30 business days went out!” or “I haven’t received my order, what’s the problem?” etc. And then, in a few days their packages are returning to us.

We’ve collected some of the labels that are added by local post offices.

The great number of cases are occurred simply because the addressee haven’t took away his package from the post.

So, how to avoid this problem?

Firstly, make sure that you address is valid. Secondly, if you haven’t received any packages from your local post office before, contact them to ensure that you will be notified when your order comes.

Another problem: “I can’t track my order”. It’s also quite usual, because from time to time the are errors like this:



So, don’t worry if you see this. Just wait up to 30 business days and if awaited package haven’t reached your home, contact us – we’ll resolve the problem.
Hope it was helpful for you. Still, if you have any questions, we’re open to answer them.
Have a nice day.